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What is a Vajacial and Where Can I Get One?!

what is a vajacial and how to get one | Kerl Beauty

If you're new to the term "Vajacial" it's pretty much:

Vagina + Facial = Vajacial

Knowing that, you could imagine what that routine consists of...

Vajacial Steps:

  1. Deep cleansing
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Optional: Extraction (Hair Removal)
  4. Optional: Mask treatment
  5. Moisturizer

It's a spa day for your cooch and tbh, it sounds kinda great 😂



Vajacial Near Me

If you're not comfortable "bussin' it wide open" (all exposed) infront of a certified aesthetician, then maybe doing a Do-It-Yourself Vajacial (in the comfort of your own home aka personal vajacial spa) might be a better option.


DIY Vajacial Steps:

  1. Deep cleansing = Use a gentle soap to cleanse (including, but not inside, lips)
  2. Exfoliation = Use an (unscented) scrub for your pubic area
  3. Optional: Extraction = Optionally start by shaving or waxing your bikini area & use a clean pair of tweezers to remove ingrowns (ingrown hair)
  4. Moisturizer = Apply a light moisturizer (preferably with ingredients like aloe or witch hazel that helps with redness)

Alright, well if you wanted to know how you could give yourself a vajacial (maybe even a weekly vajacial routine), this is your sign!

Go search "vajacial near me" in Google and see what you find :) 

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